Our Specialities


  • Bruschetta tartufata – toasted home-made bread with fresh local truffles
  • Selection of Bruschetta
  • Local cheese seasoned with truffle
  • Vegetarian Platter
  • Pecorino cheese with pears
  • Pecorino and wild honey
  • Bruschetta with wild mushrooms
  • Grilled cheese with radicchio or ham

First Courses:

  • Strincozzi alla botte (home-made traditional pasta) with a wild mushroom sauce
  • Strincozzi alla Luisa – with mushroom and tomato
  • Strincozzi all’Ammanniti – with pine-nuts, basil and tomato
  • Ravioli ai Trinci – with courgette, sausage and curry
  • Tortellini tartufati – with a delicate truffle sauce
  • Zuppa Baroque – local vegetable soup
  • Zuppa di Cipolle – onion soup

Second Courses:

  • Maiale ubriaco – braised pork
  • Roast pork with truffles
  • Salsicce alla Quintana – local sausages
  • Roast veal with truffles
  • Grilled veal rib
  • Chicken breast alla Nerone
  • Vegetarian platter


  • Fregnaccia
  • Rocciata

Our Wine cellar:

  • Rosso di Montefalco
  • Sagrantino di Montefalco
  • Grechetto
  • Torgiano Rosso
  • Orvieto
  • Selection of excellent Italian wines

Strincozzi or strangozzi: local, home-made pasta similar to spaghetti
Trinci: Noble family from Foligno
Quintana: a horse-mounted festival originating in the 1600′s and celebrated in Foligno each year in June and September
Farro: A grain used either whole or milled and known by the Romans and Etruscans
Special legumes: Lentils (Colfiorito or Castelluccio di Norcia), wild chick-peas (cicerchia), Cave broad beans
Rocciata: A local dessert, similar to a strudel
A dry sweetmeat made from corn flour, cinnamon and dried fruit

Gourmet Menu with six courses € 30,00
Menu from €18,00 to €30,00