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Given its strategic position, Foligno is an excellent starting point to visit the main tourist and religious attractions in the region.
Foligno is one of the most dynamic economic and cultural hubs in the region; its historical city centre is situated on a flat plain and extends with a typical “egg shape” around two main squares.
The architecture of the urban area ranges from the 1500′s to the 1800′s and contains exemplary structures from the Medieval and Renaissance periods.
The outer city has undergone transformation in the past 100 years and now shows a typically modern format with industrial and commercial areas and an important tertiary sector industry also.
Every year in June and September, Foligno plays host to the popular and long-attended GIOSTRA DELLA QUINTANA, a festival evoking the popular jousting and merrymaking of the 1600′s. Here we list some of the most important monuments to visit in Foligno:
Duomo. Built using different architectural styles from Romanesque to the Neoclassical, the Duomo has a wonderful portal dating from the 1200′s.
Palazzo Trinci. One of the finest late-Gothic private homes in central Italy and famous for its series of 15th century frescos.
Oratorio della Nunziatella. Home to two frescos of Il Perugino and a little printing museum documenting this history of printing in Foligno from the 15th century.
S. Maria Infraportas. In the Chapel of the Assumption, a series of 12th century frescos.

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